• Finding and notating mistakes in a manuscript

Copy Editing

  • Correcting errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Ensuring that style and voice is consistent

Substantive Editing/Critiquing

  • Reviewing manuscript for continuity issues
  • Suggesting changes to order/structure to maintain flow
  • Marking areas that seem repetitive or that don’t move the narrative forward productively
  • Suggesting alternative phrasing for overused words or terms
  • Highlighting issues or problem areas for addressing


  • Websites
    • Proofreading website for typos and grammar issues
    • Looking for formatting issues
    • Identifying weak areas or missing information
  • Review artwork for covers
    • Proofreading cover copy, author name, title, and other text
    • Offering suggestions on graphics, styling, color, etc.

Time Frame:

For estimating, a page is presumed to be 250 words; copy editing takes an hour for six to seven pages; for substantive editing, four to six pages takes about an hour.  That said, I’m a very fast reader.  I will work with people on an individual basis to set reasonable deadlines that meet your needs.  If there’s an editorial emergency, I’m happy to try to help, though there would be a surcharge.


I can provide quality assurance (QA) for documents, conference materials, websites, advertising materials, social media, and more by ensuring consistency in branding, accuracy, and professionalism.


I accept freelance writing assignments for both business writing and fiction marketing.


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