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Griffin Editorial Services

Editing your own writing is hard. Actually, editing your own writing is nearly impossible. When you write something, you know what you mean…and you tend to see what you think should be there. Your brain fills in the missing pieces automatically. Cool…but not particularly helpful when trying to get something to print for someone else to read.

That’s where an editor comes in. Editors are different. We know the rules.  We notice the silly format issues. (Does anyone REALLY care if you use a – or a — ? Yes!!  WE do!) And we enjoy fixing them.

Whether it’s a contest entry, a final manuscript, or page proofs heading back to your publisher, a second set of eyes is important.

With more than twenty years of editorial experience, I’ve edited everything from informal office newsletters to scientific reports for world-renowned organizations. I’ve worked on technical manuals for military equipment, distance learning lessons (Word and matching PowerPoint slides; e-learning), websites for associations, and romance and fantasy novels.  I’ve also produced matching documentation (brochures, pamphlets, advertising, invitations, signage, and giveaways) for conferences and staffed high-pressure, quick deadline proposal efforts.  I’ve worked with multiple published members of Romance Writers of America on full-length fiction novels, layout and design of nonfiction books, reviewing websites, and critiquing covers.


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